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We help innovative companies, entrepreneurs and spin-offs define, design and launch their brand voice.



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Brand Voice Development

Brand voice development is the most critical undertaking an organization can commission: It provides the foundation for building a breakthrough brand. Lingo crafts distinctive, compelling, and own-able brand names and identities.

Lingo consults with companies and brands to find their distinctive marketplace voice and guides them towards establishing their own special vocabulary or “brand lingo” that fosters prospect trial and builds passionate customers and stakeholders.

Our evolving brand

24th January 2013 by Scott Hauman

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last year and a half.  We built a growing, innovative, creative business on a philosophy and set of ideals that challenges today’s inflated, misguided branding practices. We proved that expert, strategic branding counsel and design can be delivered in less time and at half the costs championed by traditional ad agencies, marketing companies and design firms. And we proved rapid brand prototyping is here to stay!

You would think we would be content to enjoy our positioning space for a bit, but think again! We are pushing our vision farther by filling a large gap in the marketplace for true concept ideation, acceleration and engineering.

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New Digital Work

17th January 2013 by Scott Hauman

Lingo recently designed and launched new websites for the following clients:

  • Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
  • Ivy League Early Learning Academy

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Lingo helps Handstand Innovations launch Nectresse

30th October 2012 by Lingo


Lingo helped Handstand Innovations and Compass Marketing with the global launch of Nectresse™, a new, 100% natural, zero calorie sweetener inspired by hand-picked monk fruit, with customized artwork for their in-store shopper marketing campaign.