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Branding Positioning Identity Design

We help you speak your brand lingo.

Through naming, identity design, and extension, Lingo provides the expertise, creativity, and ingenuity organizations need to revitalize their brands, align their brand portfolios, and create and launch new products and services.

Our core services include:

Brand Naming

Lingo’s team of branding experts create unique and own-able names, nomenclature systems, tag lines, descriptors, slogans, and brand literature that define the values, experiences and perceptions of your business, product or service brand. We also provide linguistics studies, trademark procurement and monitoring services to support all naming projects.

Brand Identity

Lingo develops brand identity marks and systems that translate brand strategy into visual expressions of your business, product or service brand. The result is a compelling, memorable, and lasting visual language that sets you a part from competitors. We achieve this distinction through a unique combination of form and function, ideas and emotions, colors and shapes, words and images, scale and proportion.

Brand Extension

Brand strategy lies at the center of a brand’s power, but through strategic extension, a brand has the greatest opportunity to express that strategy and communicate with its audiences. Extensions are applications or media that have the most power to influence brand perceptions. Lingo produces a wide range of brand extensions, including print and digital media, advertising, signage, web development, packaging, experiential, and environments.